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Circle 5 mission project--THE SHOE PROJECT

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Kendall PW meeting held May 2nd

 Women from across Kendall Prebytery met Saturday for Fellowship, Lunch and their meeting.  The day started with communion served by Twin Falls Pastor Phil Price and elder Darlene Annen.

The Scotch Shop, run by Circle 5 with some of the funds raised contributed to mission, was open during the day.


Circle 5 is continuing our local mission project which involves providing school shoes for children in Twin Falls. There continues to be an increase in homeless students in Twin Falls, numbering over 200. Many families struggle to buy food let alone school shoes and clothes as well as school supplies. 

Our goal was to purchase 20 pair of shoes and socks. We asked the congregation for their help.  Baskets for donations were placed on the tables in the fellowship room along with clever shoe/sock centerpieces. With the money donated, Payless Shoes gift cards in the amount of $20.00 would be purchased and donated to the At-risk Services/Homeless Coordinator. She in turn would disperse them on an as need basis. Because several groups or organizations are helping to provide school supplies we decided to focus on shoes. We are the only group in Twin Falls helping with shoes.

We are so excited to announce that our 2015 shoe project has greatly surpassed our goal as well as last year's donations and donations are still coming in. We now have donations to purchase over 80 $20.00 gift cards for shoes!

Last year with the help of the congregation, we were able to donate 67, $20.00 gift cards along with school supplies. 42 polar fleece blankets were donated by Circle 5. All of these donations were humbly accepted and very much appreciated.

Darlene Annen, who heads up this circle 5 project, would like to share a couple of stories as to how we helped last year:

              A woman was given the responsibility of 4 nieces and nephews in addition to her own  6 children just a few days before school started.  Our shoe cards were of help to her.

              Another young man, termed a "couch surfer", because he had no home and slept on the couch of whoever provided one for the night was also a recipient.

We are looking forward to hearing how our gift cards are helping this year.

Last year, we served a potato bar as a thank you to the congregation and plan to do so again this year.