PASTOR:  Rev. Phil Price

Office:  208-733-7023



OFFICE MANAGER: Carolyn Bolton

Phone:  208-733-7023


(Should you need to reach Barbara Mix, Melanie Halsell, or Zlatko Pogarcic -- please contact them through Carolyn.)


Since 2015, Twin Falls First Presbyterian Church regrets that we no longer has community assistance funding available. We can no longer provide rent, utility, and transportation assistance; gas vouchers; motel vouchers; cash assistance.  Due to budget restrictions in recent years, as well as our streamlined staffing structure, we are also unable to hire members of the public to perform odd jobs as a means to earn cash.

If you need assistance and don't know where to begin, try clicking on this link for free public assistance programs.

FPC Church Community Only

First Presbyterian Church Twin Falls 2018 PHOTO DIRECTORY

For your convenience, those from Twin Falls First Presbyterian Church community may access our 2018 Church Photo Directory right here - on your home computer or smart phone.

Click on this online directory link and enter the access code you were provided by email.

Once you are logged in, you can scroll through the directory, search by name, view family profiles, and email/call/map. The onscreen Guided Tour will walk you through each of these areas.

It's simple. It's beautiful. It will help us all connect names with faces - and stay in better touch. Best of all, you can access this information wherever you are - 24 hours a day!